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Here’s how we help

Here’s how HelpMe Feed’s features can work for your clinic


We help you support

Use our full library of clinically approved breastfeeding support videos and upload your own content to the app for sharing.


We help you stay secure

With HelpMe Feed, you can uphold HIPAA compliance, keeping you and your parents’ data secure.


We help you communicate

Video call, message and survey parents for easier communication that saves you time.


HIPAA compliant text messaging

HelpMe Feed provides health professionals and breastfeeding experts with secure communication tools and a library of high quality videos and resources.

Built by a team of breastfeeding experts and health technology innovators, the app content is comprehensive yet simple enough to appeal to tech-savvy parents.

86% of new parents are Millennials or Gen Z

Free for parents to access, the app provides best practice support to a digital generation of parents – from the convenience of their phone.


What Health Professionals say about HelpMe Feed

HelpMe Feed Foundation USA Health Professionals Research Report, April 2018.

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HelpMe Feed is free for parents


Expectant or new parent?

Your access to HelpMe Feed is provided by your health professional who will need an active professional subscription. HelpMe Feed bridges the gap between face-to-face consultations. It’s perfect for parents navigating their breastfeeding journey, providing you with:

  • Help Whenever and Wherever You Need It
    Video Calling, Messaging & Surveys—all within the app.

  • Short Video Resources
    For every stage of your breastfeeding journey.

  • Personalized Programs 
    Clinically approved, simple and secure.

  • A Smarter Way to Connect
    If your Health Professional chooses, you can access a community of volunteer coaches.


We’re a not-for-profit foundation that supports the health of babies and parents globally.

We do this by providing support, quality resources and community engagement networks that connect parents with health professionals and community coaches.


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