What people are saying about HelpMe Feed


“ So many times I’ve emailed a parent a poor quality video from YouTube and told her to skip until 3.15, watch those 5 seconds and then stop. With HelpMe Feed, not only do I know the video is high quality but I know she is only seeing what is relevant to her and her baby.”

— Kara Masters, IBCLC

“When I was breastfeeding my son, there was a huge lack of resources and I found the nighttime feeds especially hard. I feel now that I could have continued feeding successfully had there been the HelpMe Feed app and support available around at those difficult times.”

— Sarah, mother to Leo (4)

I believe if you get the breastfeeding piece right so many other things fall into place. The time is right for getting the word out to mothers about breastfeeding through innovation. This is how new moms get most of their information.

— Carey Lindeman, Founder of Welcome Baby Care