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Media resources

Describing HelpMe Feed

The HelpMe Feed app provides clinically approved breastfeeding support to today’s parents. Lactation consultants and health professionals help moms and babies, HelpMe Feed helps them.

The app was created by the HelpMe Feed Foundation, a not-for-profit charity with a mission to increase global breastfeeding rates by using smart, scalable technologies.

You can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the HelpMe Feed Foundation here

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Media Spokesperson


Madeline Sands

Media Spokesperson & HelpMe Feed Director

As Director of HelpMe Feed, Madeline Sands has been integral at each stage of the project – from its inception as the Mother Baby Project with Google Glass, to its current form as a global health technology app. She is reflective of her millennial generation – well-travelled, highly educated and rapidly changing the world through technology.

Known as an engaging presenter and keen problem solver, Sands has led workshops and innovation teams around the world. At the heart of her work is a desire to change the world through technology, particularly in the area of women's health.

Madeline is based in San Francisco and can be contacted for speaking and facilitating engagements as well as interviews about HelpMe Feed.  |  (USA) +1 (415) 361 2682



Karina Ayers

Media Spokesperson & Head of Maternal Child Health

Karina Ayers, HelpMe Feed’s Head of Maternal Child Health has been a driving force in ensuring the HelpMe Feed app has sound clinical grounding and will work for breastfeeding mothers and health professionals. A highly experienced and esteemed health professional herself, Karina has been an IBCLC Lactation Consultant, midwife and community nurse for over 20 years. Helping mothers and babies thrive has been her life’s work. 

Karina is dedicated and driven to solve daily frustrations and preventable challenges families face. Her contributions continue to be instrumental to the development of HelpMe Feed.

Karina is based in Western Australia and can be contacted for clinical and partnership enquiries, as well as interviews about HelpMe Feed.  |  (AUS) +61 407 915 973


HelpMe Feed in the news

A selection of our recent media appearances.

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The Courier speaks to the HelpMe Feed Foundation and Hepburn mothers about breastfeeding

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HelpMe Feed

We spoke to the ABC's Penny Johnston during our team retreat


Turns Out Google Glass Is Good for Breastfeeding

You won't find any glassholes in Australia Breastfeeding Association's Google Glass project.

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