Life is a little easier for everyone


For Health Professionals


Meeting parents expectations is impossible without the right resources. HelpMe Feed has everything in one place.

Create customised programs for your parents with high quality support materials, communicate directly with them through the app, and download all activity for your records.

With HelpMe Feed not only do I know the video is high quality but I make sure that she is only seeing what it relevant to her and her baby.
— Karina Masters
  • Scale your care to a new level by focusing on more parents in less time than ever

  • Check in with patients instantly. Get an alert before an issue escalates

  • Use the app’s monitoring functions to support your follow up consultations


For Volunteer Coaches


The app matches parents with dedicated and experienced breastfeeding coaches around the world. A coach can log on when and where they choose to provide instant 1:1 tele-health support to mothers that need it. The flexibility of HelpMe Feed makes it the perfect volunteer opportunity.

When I had my first child my mother lived next door, she was at my house everyday for the first 2 weeks, but this isn’t the case anymore for many new moms. I want to help this generation of new parents, like my mom helped me.
— Carol Cosatla
  • Choose the times you spend connecting with and helping parents
  • Select the best resources for your parent
  • Connect with new parents and passionate coaches worldwide

For Parents


Becoming a new parent is tough, you’re exhausted, sore and information is flying at you from all directions. With HelpMe Feed you have everything in one place, high quality resources, direct communication with your health professional or coach. It's simple, with the right advice when you need it.

My baby was unsettled and my nipples were very damaged - and because I was discharged on a Saturday no one was able to come and help me until the Monday. I had no choice but to feed my hungry baby formula
— Sarah Baily
  • Watch a video and access resources from the comfort of home
  • 24-hr access to expert support means advice is on demand when you need it most
  • Quick daily check ins are completed so tracking is accurate & up to date