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App Launching 2019


Help For The Breastfeeding Helpers

HelpMe Feed works with health professionals and breastfeeding experts to help create a modern care relationship with high quality, relevant videos, information and support tools.

New mothers today are more connected than ever before – working and communicating through smartphones, unrestricted by time or location. But some things never change, like the need for quality breastfeeding support and care in those crucial early days.


Life is a little easier for everyone


Health Professionals


Meeting parents expectations is impossible without the right resources. HelpMe Feed has everything in one place. Create customized programs for your parents with high quality support materials, communicate directly with them through the app, and download all activity for your records.

Volunteer Coaches


The app matches parents with dedicated and experienced breastfeeding coaches around the world. A coach can log on when and where they choose to provide instant 1:1 tele-health support to mothers that need it. The flexibility of HelpMe Feed makes it the perfect volunteer opportunity.


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Becoming a new parent is tough, you’re exhausted, sore and information is flying at you from all directions. With HelpMe Feed you have everything in one place, high quality resources, direct communication with your health professional or coach. It's simple, with the right advice when you need it.


The HelpMe Feed Foundation is a is a not-for-profit charity, with a global mission to enable parents and their communities to support breastfeeding using smart, modern, and accessible technologies.

We do this by providing evidence based, digital breastfeeding support that connects parents with health professionals and community coaches.


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