Being a new parent today isn’t easy,
but you can help!


Join our community of coaches

We are actively recruiting and training volunteer coaches who will use the HelpMe Feed app to support new parents when their Health Professional is not available.

Every Volunteer Coach plays an important role in helping us achieve our mission. They do this by providing emotional support and reassurance at a vital time in a parent’s breastfeeding journey.

Mothers are 2.5 times more likely to breastfeed where breastfeeding is promoted and supported*

In the past, a parent might have had a close support network of family, neighbours and the community to support them through the early days of parenthood. Our vision for the community coaches is to revive these essential support networks through technology. With your help, we can save up to 800,000 infant lives each year.

* Lancet Breastfeeding Series (2016)


As a Volunteer Coach, you can:

  • Choose your volunteer hours — no set minimum

  • Provide support anywhere, at any time

  • Reach out to a dedicated Community Manager for support

  • Access HelpMe Feed’s quality support tools and video resources

  • See an immediate impact as you help build a parent’s confidence.


“By supporting breastfeeding mothers long distance through smart technology, you’ll directly contribute to maternal and infant health around the world. As a volunteer, your role as a community coach will be valuable and appreciated. Research has indicated that people who volunteer are measurably more healthy and happy than their cohorts who don’t.

The HelpMe Feed Project may be this opportunity for you. Whether you have 1 hour a week or several days a month to share your support and expertise with new parents, your contribution is valued and important.”

Randee Bloom, RN, MBA, PhD


Video Content

View some samples of the type of video content you’ll be able to send to a Parent within the app when their Health Professional is not available to.

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Meet our coaches 



I believe if you get the breastfeeding piece right so many other things fall into place. Health and well-being of the mother and child depend so much on feeding as does bonding between mother and child. The time is right for getting the word out to mothers about breastfeeding through innovation. This is how new moms get most of their information.



Breastfeeding came rather easily to me with my first two, but I was a bit puzzled by the conflicting information I would get on breastfeeding and parenting, it just didn't jibe with what I was *feeling* as though I should be doing. I wish I had done things differently. I listened too much to my mother and not enough to my own instincts, something I have really encouraged moms to do since then.



I am a proud mother of three adult children, two daughters (now married to two wonderful son-in-laws) and a son; and now a joyful grandmother of two! Professionally, I first started practicing as a pediatric nurse, then became a hospital administrator and then later a healthcare consultant.


Ready to help make a difference?

By becoming a Volunteer Coach with HelpMe Feed you’ll join a passionate global community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ How does HelpMe Feed help?

Health professionals can use our full library of evidence based breastfeeding support videos, or upload custom content to share. All clinic data is locked with our 100% HIPAA compliant encryption. Communication is made easy through video calls, instant messaging and short surveys for parents – helping you provide smarter, scalable support to parents.

+ How does video calling work in the app?

Checking in with parents has never been easier with HIPAA compliant video calling in the app. Health proffessionals are now able to call and organise appointments through HIPAA compliant video calling in the app. Of course parents can always check-in with community coaches for emotional support through video calling 24hrs a day.

+ How does 2-way messaging work in the app?

2-way messaging in the app allows health professionals and parents to have quick HIPAA compliant communication. Health professionals can set their hours within the app, so they are not contactable when they choose. Parents can reach out to a community coach for emotional support if they need it out of hours.

+ What are the video resources?

The HelpMe Feed video resources are short form, specific, visual, and evidence based. They will help guide a new generation of breastfeeding mothers through the stages of breastfeeding, from pre-birth to 12+ months.

+ What research have you based the video resources on?

HelpMe Feed's resources have been built based on leading research by UNICEF, the World Health Organization, the Lancet and similar authoritative and Baby Friendly sources. We regularly review new research and developments in the breastfeeding landscape to make sure our content is relevant, accurate and meeting modern families' needs.

+ What topics do the videos cover?

The video resources guide parents through all the stages of breastfeeding. Covering preparation, latching, position, complementary feeding and many other relevant and important topics. Every video is evidence based and supported by visual information.

+ Will I know that a parent has watched a video?

Parents' progress bars under their profile indicate which videos they've watched. Health professionals can send a program of video resources for the parents to watch and complete.

+ Surveys

Surveys are a simple way to check in with parents regularly. A few short questions can be assigned to a parent which can track their progress in the program as well as the health of the baby.