Text messaging and calls are HIPAA compliant

Video Calls

Real human support, without the travel time. Video calls with parents help you scale and improve your communication.

Text Messaging

Message a parent whenever you like and stay HIPAA compliant. In-app messaging keeps every detail of your parents’ breastfeeding progress in the one place.

HIPAA Complaint

Adhering to strict GDPR privacy and HIPAA compliance measures, the app’s security and encryption features protect your parents’ and clinic’s data at every step.


High quality breastfeeding resources for parents

Full video library

HelpMe Feed has created a comprehensive library of high quality, relevant videos and resources. Developed in accordance with leading research including from the World Health Organization (WHO), Unicef and the Lancet, our clinically-approved content covers every step of the breastfeeding journey.

Upload your own content

Got a favorite resource you turn to regularly? With HelpMe Feed, you add your own resources to your digital library for easy sharing with parents and within your clinic.

Watch these short video samples for an example of our in-app support resources for parents.

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Connecting parents with Volunteer Coach support


With HelpMe Feed, a parent is never alone.

In addition to the care from their health professional, parents can access our network of coaches. Health Professional clinics can choose to add their own group of volunteer coaches or access the HelpMe Feed pool of trained volunteers.

A trained Volunteer Coach can:

  • Choose their volunteer hours

  • Provide support anywhere, at any time, from their phone

  • Access HelpMe Feed’s quality support tools and video resources

  • See an immediate impact as they help build a parent’s confidence

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ How does HelpMe Feed help?

Health professionals can use our full library of evidence based breastfeeding support videos, or upload custom content to share. All clinic data is locked with our 100% HIPAA compliant encryption. Communication is made easy through video calls, instant messaging and short surveys for parents – helping you provide smarter, scalable support to parents.

+ How does video calling work in the app?

Checking in with parents has never been easier with HIPAA compliant video calling in the app. Health proffessionals are now able to call and organise appointments through HIPAA compliant video calling in the app. Of course parents can always check-in with community coaches for emotional support through video calling 24hrs a day.

+ How does 2-way messaging work in the app?

2 way messaging in the app allows health professionals and parents to have quick HIPAA compliant communication. Health professionals can set their hours within the app, so they are not contactable when they choose. Parents can reach out to a community coach for emotional support if they need it out of hours.

+ What are the video resources?

The HelpMe Feed video resources are short form, specific, visual, and evidence based. They will help guide a new generation of breastfeeding mothers through the stages of breastfeeding, from pre-birth to 12 months.

+ What research have you based the video resources on?

HelpMe Feed's resources have been built based on leading research by UNICEF, the World Health Organization, the Lancet and similar authoritative and Baby Friendly sources. We regularly review new research and developments in the breastfeeding landscape to make sure our content is relevant, accurate and meeting modern families' needs.

+ What topics do the videos cover?

The video resources guide parents through all the stages of breastfeeding. Covering preperation, latching, position, feeding, and weaning babies off breastfeeding. Every video is evidence based and supported by visual information.

+ Will I know that a parent has watched a video?

Parents progress bars under their profile indicates which videos they've watched. Health professionals can send a program of video resources for the parents to watch and complete. The progress bar, on their profile will fill up and the videos as they complete the program.

+ Surveys

Surveys are a simple way to check in with parents regularly. A few short questions can be assigned to a parent which can track their progress in the program as well as the health of the baby.