• Scale your care to a new level by focusing on more parents in less time than ever

  • Check in with patients instantly. Get an alert before an issue escalates

  • Use the app’s monitoring functions to support your follow up consultations

HelpMe Feed provides the tools to help you support families in between clinic and home visits. You build customized programs using the resources from the HelpMe Feed library. You increase your visibility into parent and infant daily routines using the daily surveys. You make contact with parents via message or video calling. All your information is in one place, accessible anywhere, at any time.

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“ I can't tell you the amount of times I have emailed a new mum a poorly shot video from youtube and told her to skip until 3.15 and watch those 5 seconds then stop. With HelpMe Feed not only do I know the video is high quality but I make sure that she is only seeing what is relevant to her and her baby.”

— Karina Masters, IBCLC


Customized Programs 

Every parent is different and their needs are constantly changing, HelpMe Feed lets you build digital programs in seconds. Selecting from our library of high quality resources you can help more parents, more effectively, and faster.

Content Library

86% of parents are now Millennials and Gen Z. They expect information to be visual and simple. Based on the latest international standards set by the World Health Assembly and prescribed by WHO, HelpMe Feed has created thousands of high quality videos and documents. All content is written and produced by a team of IBCLCs, midwives and health professionals with years of experience in the field.


Virtual Office Hours

Babies don’t care if its 2AM, but you do. With virtual office hours you can set times when a parent can contact you. If a parent contacts you out of your hours, the message will go to a trained community coach who can guide and reassure them until you’re available again.

Telehealth Support

You can't always be physically next to your parents when they need you. With telehealth support you can contact your parents via message or video calling and send them resources when on the call, giving them reassurance and guidance.


Feedback and Monitoring

Preventing a problem before it becomes a medical condition greatly increases maternal and infant health outcomes. With HelpMe Feed you can create customized daily surveys for parents to complete, increasing visibility into their daily routine. You have access to analytics on the programs and individual resources you have supplied, providing you with a comprehensive view of every parent.

Community Coaches

It takes a village to raise a child, and partnering with organizations around the world we have a network of breastfeeding coaches who are available 24 hours to help your parents when they need it most. With monitoring and access to best practice resources you can be assured that your parents are receiving accurate and consistent advice and support from trained community coaches.