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HelpMe Feed was born out of the frustration with the lack of quality breastfeeding resources available to both health professionals and parents.

We are a group of volunteers and tech nerds, made up of doctors, nurses, breastfeeding educators, parents and advocates from around the world that have come together to change the way we provide breastfeeding support to parents. So no matter if a mom breastfeeds for 2 hours or 2 years they always have a team behind them cheering at every milestone.

We need your help to take us to next stage. We are conducting a survey and app review to make sure we are on the right track. Your input will directly inform the next stages we take with this project and the final product.

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“ I can't tell you the amount of times I have emailed a new mum a poorly shoot video from youtube and told her to skip until 3.15 watch those 5 seconds then stop. With HelpMe Feed not only do I know the video is high quality but I make sure that she is only seeing what it relevant to her and her baby.”

— Karina Masters




+ Our Mission

Develop a suite of technology enabled healthcare tools to support 50 million parents learn to breastfeed and care for their new infants.

+ Who are we?

Our story began with a challenge in 2014. How could we use the latest in wearable technology with Google Glass to support mothers learning breastfeeding?

In Australia, a successful beta trial was undertaken, connecting mothers with community coaches/volunteers. From this initial innovation, a dedicated team formed to create a new global initiative supporting the important work of World Health, UNICEF, Red Cross and a range of other community organisations in the field.

This initial award winning project has been reinvented to scale the support offered by healthcare professionals and community coaches/volunteers around the world. By using technology enabled healthcare made up of digital step-by-step guides, telehealth tools and parent feedback mechanisms; a cost effective way has been found to achieve our goal of delivering high quality parental support to 50 million families around the world.

The project has been developed as a social enterprise by a dedicated team of qualified subject matter experts from around the world. The project has been self-funded through shared resources, volunteers and suppliers donating or discounting their services. All members of the team and suppliers strictly adhere to the World Health Organisation (WHO) International Code of Marketing Breast milk Substitutes.

+ HelpMe Feed Team

Kathy Phelan CEO

Karina Ayers RN, RM, IBCLC Head of Maternal Child Health

Maddy Sands Data Visualization and Research

Gary Reverol Creative Director

Tina Craig Financial Controller

Lindha Boberg Product Project Manager

Beth Barrett Communications Manager

Shefik Bey Usability Researcher

Tony Kerr Industrial Engineer - Polymath

Di Robinson Management Consultant

US/AUS Advisory

Randee Bloom RN, MBA, PhD


Carey Lindeman Welcome Baby Care President, CEO

Shantha Bloemen International Communication, Policy and Advocacy Consultant

Danny Socolof Marketing Expert

Katie Howser IBCLC

Seema Shah OB/GYN

Heather Fell Healthcare Consultant

Grant Prigge Technology Expert

+ How does Small World Social fit into things?

Small World Social is an enterprise (B2B) middleware software platform, that provides a modernizing glue layer for legacy IT systems, through connecting disparate components together. It was founded by three women from Melbourne, Australia in 2011. Kathy Phelan, Maddy Sands and Jillian Sands (a family team of technologists).

The company moved to San Francisco in 2013 and works in the automotive mobility and healthcare sectors with companies such as Toyota, Genentech and ResMed.

Our motivation as a family of female technologists is to explore ways new technologies can be used to support health initiatives. Our family company has funded and supported the costs of many aspects of the project to-date as a charitable not-for-profit initiative.

We have taken the opportunity where ever possible to share the work, it’s insights and breakthroughs with other teams working in the field around the world.

+ How will it be funded?

The aim of the project is to support breastfeeding in communities globally.

HelpMe Feed has been developed as a social enterprise. The technology enabled care and volunteer support services are provided freely to all women.

Our aim is to develop a self-sustaining business model, where income is generated by offering subscription services to healthcare professionals working in the field.

These subscription revenues will be used to maintain and expand the service for the benefit of all families. Philanthropic and government funding is also being sort for this important public health initiative.


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