+ What is the HelpMe Feed Foundation?

We’re a not-for-profit foundation for a future where every baby is happy and healthy. Our mission is to support breastfeeding using smart, scalable technologies.

Our team is an award-winning female-led group of global health and technology experts dedicated to helping mothers and babies thrive.

+ What is the HelpMe Feed app?

The HelpMe Feed app is a new way to provide breastfeeding support to today's parents.

Health professionals can access a library of clinically approved video resources, send messages and send simple surveys to parents. HelpMe Feed is entirely HIPAA compliant. Through community coaching, the app also allows parents to access a pool of trained volunteer coaches when their Health Professional is not available, and only if the Health Professional chooses.

+ How does the HelpMe Feed app work?

HelpMe Feed is free for all parents and provided by health professionals who subscribe to the app.

A Health Professional can add their Clinic and Parent data to HelpMe Feed and use it to bridge the gap between face-to-face consultations. They can do this via video calls, messaging, surveys and by assigning programs of videos and resources relevant to the Parent.

When a Health Professional is not available to help, parents can be routed to one of HelpMe Feed's trained volunteer coaches. Coaches provide vital support and reassurance to parents at any stage of their breastfeeding journey and are moitored and supported at every step.

+ Why did you build HelpMe Feed?

The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months of age. But despite all the money spent in the healthcare system, we’re still not reaching the recommended benchmarks.

Health Professionals have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, but they lack access to quality resources and tools that can improve their productivity.



+ How does HelpMe Feed help?

Health professionals can use our full library of evidence based breastfeeding support videos, or upload custom content to share. All clinic data is locked with our 100% HIPAA compliant encryption. Communication is made easy through video calls, instant messaging and short surveys for parents – helping you provide smarter, scalable support to parents.

+ How does video calling work in the app?

Checking in with parents has never been easier with HIPAA compliant video calling in the app. Health proffessionals are now able to call and organise appointments through HIPAA compliant video calling in the app. Of course parents can always check-in with community coaches for emotional support through video calling 24hrs a day.

+ How does 2-way messaging work in the app?

2-way messaging in the app allows health professionals and parents to have quick HIPAA compliant communication. Health professionals can set their hours within the app, so they are not contactable when they choose. Parents can reach out to a community coach for emotional support if they need it out of hours.

+ What are the video resources?

The HelpMe Feed video resources are short form, specific, visual, and evidence based. They will help guide a new generation of breastfeeding mothers through the stages of breastfeeding, from pre-birth to 12 months.

+ What research have you based the video resources on?

HelpMe Feed's resources have been built based on leading research by UNICEF, the World Health Organization, the Lancet and similar authoritative and Baby Friendly sources. We regularly review new research and developments in the breastfeeding landscape to make sure our content is relevant, accurate and meeting modern families' needs.

+ What topics do the videos cover?

The video resources guide parents through all the stages of breastfeeding. Videos and resources cover preparation, latching, position, complementary feeding and many other relevant and important topics. Every video is evidence based and supported by visual information.

+ Will I know that a parent has watched a video?

Parents' progress bars under their profile indicate which videos they've watched. Health professionals can send a program of video resources for the parents to watch and complete.

+ Surveys

Surveys are a simple way to check in with parents regularly. A few short questions can be assigned to a parent which can track their progress in the program as well as the health of the baby.

HIPAA, Privacy & Security


+ HIPAA compliance

HelpMe Feed is 100% HIPAA compliant. Now more than ever, Health Professionals and their teams need to know they are meeting the highest security standards. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions to protect private medical information. While not all telehealth and health app solutions meet these stringent standards, you can be assured that HelpMe Feed does.

+ What types of data are collected by HelpMe Feed?

HelpMe Feed collects a limited amount of data from users to make sure the app works effectively. Some de-identified data is collected, such as the length of video calls and number of surveys completed. The app's adherence to HIPAA and GDPR compliance means that your privacy and safety is always put first. For a detailed explaination of the data usage and privacy measures within HelpMe Feed, we suggest user's read the app's Terms of Use.

Billing and payment


+ Subscription types

There are four different plans to suit the needs of large and small clinics, or independent health professionals. The pricing models are based on the amount of parents, and clinicians your practice supports. Please contact us to find a plan that's best suited to your needs.

+ How much does HelpMe Feed cost?

HelpMe Feed runs across four different payment plans, they are charged monthly. Please view our pricing page for details on the price of each plan. For enterprise and large organizations, custom pricing is also available, please contact us to discuss.

+ How much does HelpMe Feed cost for parents?

HelpMe Feed is free for parents. It's included as part of your lactation consultancy fee if your consultant offers HelpMe Feed as apart of their service. If your clinic or consultant does not offer HelpMe Feed you can contact them about setting up a free trial with you.

+ Is there a free trial version?

HelpMe Feed currently has a 30 day free trial. This allows parents or clinicians to see the benefits of the app, the video resources and coaching support before making a decision to purchase.

Volunteer Coaches


+ What is a coach?

Coaches are virtual volunteers who work alongside health professionals to support breastfeeding parents. Volunteer coaches come from a variety of locations and backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: a passion for helping babies and parents thrive.

Coaches are not intended to replace the health professionals, rather they are there to supply emotional support in the times when a parent may be waiting for a health professional to get back to her.

The app will also help coaches know when a mom needs to see a health professional—as they can separate the moms who needs a confidence boost from those who must have an in-person visit.

Coaches belong to a Coach Clinic which is led by a trained Coach Leader. They each receive training and monitoring within the app.

+ What is a Coach Leader?

A HelpMe Feed Coach Leader helps manage and support coaches. They are trained volunteers and are an important link to connect parents to support when they need it.

+ How do I get involved?

When we started the HelpMe Feed Foundation, we knew our mission to improve global breastfeedif rates and build confident parents could only be achieved through the support of dedicated and passionate people like you. Contact us at or via the Coaches equiry form and we will send you some information to get started.

+ Can volunteer coaches see private information about a Parent?

Volunteer coaches are not able to see private information about parents. Volunteer coaches are only able to offer emotional support and connect parents to resources that will help them at the stage of breastfeeding they are currently at.

+ How are coaches monitored?

HelpMe Feed coaches are monitored by a Coach Leader and by the parent's Health Professional who is able to see an overview of interactions between coaches and parents.



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