May breastfeeding media wrap-up

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Every two weeks we compile the latest news, innovations and research in breastfeeding.

‘Human milk’ is parent-led project focusing on the science of breastfeeding - find out more here.


This mom is educating the world about the science and magic of breastfeeding. Claire Tchaikowski's project 'Human Milk' is now being used for training in hospitals and universities and has received global recognition. |Bristol Live|

The discrimination facing moms working in scientific fields. |nature|

The World Health Organization discusses why it's particularly important to support breastfeeding mothers in disaster situations |World Health Organization|

Supporters and advocates of breastfeeding gathered at Michigan's State Capitol |WILX|

Some US universities are offering dedicated lactation spaces - but there's still lots of room for improvement |nature|

Research & Innovations

Study shows breastfed babies have better cholesterol profile |Asian Scientist|

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 3.17.38 pm.png

Comprehensive breakdown on how employers can support their breastfeeding employees |Harvard Business Review|

Low-income families more likely to formula feed in Georgetown study |Science Daily|

What’s trending?

American singer and actress Michelle Branch shares beautiful breastfeeding photo from her wedding day |Romper|

UK bar chain Wetherspoons is under fire for reportedly telling Becky Bolger to cover up while breastfeeding |Metro|

Hilary Duff shares emotional post on Instagram about her struggles after stopping breastfeeding her youngest baby |Kidspot|


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