August breastfeeding media wrap-up

At the HelpMe Feed Foundation, we're using the latest technology to help more breastfeeding parents feel supported. Staying up to date with all the developments in the world of breastfeeding is vital, which is why we've compiled the most interesting stories into a newsletter for you. We hope you enjoy it and share with anyone who'll find it interesting.


Breastfeeding support cuts are leaving unpaid volunteers to fill the role of public health |The Conversation|

Southampton town looks to create breastfeeding-friendly workplace |27 East|

KLM's breastfeeding stance causes debate on the internet. [image credit:  Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash]

KLM's breastfeeding stance causes debate on the internet. [image credit: Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash]

US families are paying higher prices for childcare than ever before |Motherly|

Barbados lawmakers talk about the importance of paternity leave |Barbados Today|

Aeroflow's recent study, which shows that 1-in-4 people find breastfeeding or using a pump in public 'inappropriate', has highlighted how far we still have to go in fully normalizing breastfeeding |Thrive Global|

KLM has made the news over their lacklustre response after a breastfeeding mother claimed she was asked to cover up on one of their flights. This article shows how KLM stacks up against other airlines. |Conde Nast Traveler|

Research & Innovations

Researchers identify aggressive marketing from formula companies as one of the obstacles preventing women from breastfeeding |NUTRAingredients|

New website ‘The Cost of Breastfeeding’ lets you see how much a failure to support breastfeeding costs in your own country |Motherly|

New mobile app described as 'TripAdvisor for breastfeeding' is developed in South Tyneside, UK in a drive to support new mums. |Shields Gazette|

Study shows military mothers breastfed longer after their leave extended |AAP News|

Racial disparity in medical care begins at birth, study shows |WebMD|

What’s trending?

#FeedOn launches in the UK [image credit: #FeedOn campaign]

#FeedOn launches in the UK [image credit: #FeedOn campaign]

One woman’s account of breastfeeding with mastitis |Hello Giggles|

As #FeedOn campaign launches across UK, here’s an amazing gallery of moms feeding near Bristol landmarks |Bristol Post|

When live streaming platform Twitch removed breastfeeding footage from one of their streamers, it sparked a huge debate. |Kotaku|

What is the reality for parents who pump breastmilk for their babies? What's the difference between pumping and breastfeeding? This article goes into more detail |Atlantic|

All federal buildings will soon be required to designate a room for nursing mothers to use for breastfeeding children or pumping milk |WAMU 88.5|

6 Common Breastfeeding Fears Lactation Consultants Say You Shouldn't Panic About |Romper|

According to global health expert only 3 African nations expected to meet global breastfeeding goal, despite progress |Science Daily|


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