April breastfeeding media wrap-up

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Every month we compile the latest news, innovations and research in breastfeeding.


What is tongue clipping and why is it on the rise? |Scarymommy|

Milwaukee plans to address disparities in maternal health by providing doulas to 100 new mothers |Urban Milwaukee|

More on doulas, this time in Australia — doulas shown to be filling the gaps in postnatal care. |ABC News|

Breastfeeding mother told to leave women's hospital waiting room — there's still a lot to do in changing public attitudes. |Inside Edition|

Why it's vital that all employers offer quality maternal health support to their working mothers |Financial Express|

Politics in Australia — Labor party promises to dedicate $15.2 million towards supporting breastfeeding, if elected |Courier|


C-sections are often seen as a barrier to breastfeeding in the USA – but this is not the case in other global communities. |Research from Purdue University|

A study from Latrobe University in Melbourne, Australia shows how breastfeeding mothers can benefit from phone to phone support. We agree! |The Age|

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has decided to stop carrying adverts for formula milk. |TheBMJ|

This decision has sparked debate, with some claiming that the BMJ is stigmatising mums who can't breastfeed. |Slate|


Woman working at laptop

Mamava's nursing pods are springing up in airports around the USA |Gothamist| The pods aren't without debate though — some parents are concerned the pods may reinforce stigma around public breastfeeding |Mamamia|

New device which allows dads to breastfeed is showcased at the SXSW festival in Austin |Motherly|

Better breast pumps are in the making - but do they work for women? |Vox|

US startup Cleo has raised $27.5 million to support its venture: partnering with companies to offer supplemental benefits to working parents. |Fortune| Employers have a real opportunity to help mothers continue breastfeeding for as long as they need. We'll be releasing a report on this subject soon - watch this space!

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