Being a new parent today is not easy, but you can help


With HelpMe Feed we connect you with new parents that need your support and guidance.

Being a new parent today is not easy, but because of people like you, babies around the world can have the best start in life, and a mothers breastfeeding journey can be transformed. Through this transformation we can save up to 800,000 infant lives each year.

  1. From 2 mins to 2 hours, it up to you
  2. No set time or schedule

  3. Coach from home

  4. Connect with others in the community

  5. Make a difference 


“ When I had my first child my mother lived next door, she was at my house everyday for the first 2 weeks, but this isn't the case anymore for many new moms. I want to help this generation of new parents, like my mom helped me.”

— Carol Cosatla


2 mins to 2 hours

It's easy to start a coaching session, just logon to the app and you will start to get routed moms that are in need of help. These conversations can go from as little as a minute. When you are ready to finish your session end your conversations and log out of the app.

No Set Time or Schedule 

HelpMe Feed doesn't have shifts, you login into the app when you have time and log out again when you need to. There are times when we will need more coaches, so you might receive an alert asking you to login and help out.


Connect With Others in the Community

Its great to connect with others from around the world. With HelpMe Feed you will be helping mothers from around the world from rural Australia to Copenhagen. 

At Home

As long as you have a reliable internet you can log on anywhere. Remember you might need to video or voice call a mom so its best if you are in a private area to take these calls.